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Slab Packs

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Special Series Pro $500 / 1 SLAB PER PACK

Special Series Starter $100 / 1 SLAB PER PACK

Slab Packs FAQ

What are
Slab Packs
Slab Packs
are virtual packs of real pre-graded cards or ‘slabs’ that you can purchase and open on Arena Club. Packs are revealed digitally and the cards are put in your showroom immediately. From there, you can sell, trade, or retrieve the physical slab.
How do I get the physical slabs shipped to me?
After opening your packs, go to the menu bar and click retrieve. For a limited time, use the promo code GETPACKS for up to $20 off your retrieval order. We charge a nominal $0.50 transaction fee to help prevent fraudulent transactions and ensure the security of our service.
What is 'Hit Rate'?
Hit Rate is the percent likelihood that you pull a particular card within the tier. To get the Hit Rate of a tier, you multiply the displayed per card Hit Rate by the number of slabs available in the tier.
What are 'Tiers'?
Tiers in
Slab Packs
are used to categorize cards based on rarity and value, arranged from highest to lowest as follows: Grail, Chase, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The Grail tier features the most valuable and rare cards, followed by highly sought-after cards in the Chase tier. Every card in each tier has its own Hit Rate, indicating the likelihood of finding that card in a pack.
What makes
Slab Packs
Slab Packs
at Arena Club uniquely revolutionize the repack game by offering unparalleled transparency and value. They are the only repacks in the hobby that provide a complete view of all possible cards, with specific odds for each, ensuring a new level of trust and excitement. The thrill of instant reveal after purchase, coupled with the process of trading, selling, or adding cards to your collection, enhances the user experience. Continuously replenished with fresh cards, Slab Packs offer a constantly thrilling and dynamic collecting experience.
When do
Slab Packs
We drop certain packs at various times so keep an eye on our social media or emails to get the time of the next drop.
Can I share my pack reveal?
Yes! You can share your pack reveal as an interactive link so anyone can experience the fun of opening cards. In addition a video of your pack reveal will be sent to your email.
Do I need an Arena Club account to buy a slab pack?
Yes, since the cards are added to your showroom you need an Arena Club account. If you’re new to Arena Club, you'll be asked to sign-up for free prior to purchase. Note: after sign-up you’ll be asked to verify your email address for security purposes.
What happens when I open a Slab Pack?
When you open a Slab Pack, you will receive a random selection of cards from the series. The cards you obtain will be added to your showroom where you can sell and trade them on our platform. If you want the slabs in person you can retrieve them.
How does the card pool work?
The card pool that
Slab Packs
draw from is constantly replenished as cards are taken out by users. This ensures that there are always cards available in the packs.
Are the cards selected for each pack completely random?
Yes, you are guaranteed a minimum number of cards per price point as mentioned in the series description. You are guaranteed to receive cards out of the list of cards displayed on the series page. From this list, the cards are selected at random based on the Fisher-Yates (Knuth) Shuffle Algorithm.
What happens when a pack sells out?
We are working hard to replenish the packs, keep an eye on our social media and newsletters to get the time of our next drop!
Can I purchase specific cards instead of opening packs?
You cannot purchase cards that are in our slab packs directly, but you can visit our marketplace to find over 80,000 cards that you can buy or make an offer on.